Welcome! I am a graduate student in Biomathematics at University of California, Los Angeles.

I expect to complete my Ph.D. in August 2017 under the direction of Tom Chou.

My research interests include: dynamical systems, stochastic processes, network analysis, neuronal dynamics, and neuroendocrinology.

My Ph.D. work involved applications of nonlinear dynamics and bifurcation theory in studying the dynamics of the neuroendocrine system. The work incorporated the role of neuroendocrine signaling and the feedback of neuronal activity on hormone dynamics, in the context of psychiatric disorders such as PTSD. I am currently working on modeling other neuroendocrine systems using a similar approach.

I am also interested in and currently working on continuum neural field models to study how the stimulus is encoded and decoded as spatiotemporal activity patterns. Ultimately, I would like to use these models for more macroscopic conceptualizations of psychiatric disorders and connect it to more microscopic approaches I have developed previously. The work will involve applications of many areas of mathematics including nonlinear partial differential equations, calculus of variations, and network dynamics.